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This is a wik for the Kira Phenomenology Workshop. We have a google group, which is public (anyone can read), and weekly meetings at Kira Cafe in Second Life on Fridays at 2 PM SLT. Although, you can drop in at any time - please, see Kira Cafe's calendar.

New wik!

We have a new pheno wik this season. It's maintained by Carlos Montemayor. Send him a message if you want to be a contributor.

ClustrMaps user of the month!

Yes! Our wik has won the ClastrMaps user of the month award! See it for yourself :)

What a lovely beginning of October and the new chapter in the Kira Phenomenology Workshop.


Virtual Institute for Phenomenology

Over the last year our workshop has grown and matured. We got bumps and scratches and loads of fun exploring ourselves and the world around us.

This season we start in a new format with 4 professional philosophers on board:

A new google group has been created. It's called virtual-institute-for-phenomenology. To subscribe to the group, please, send an email to Carlos Montemayor, the group manager.

A new wik is going to be set up by Carlos as well.

The first meeting is scheduled on Friday, October 2nd, 8 AM SLT.

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